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Each course shares a loop up and over Crag Crest which was voted one of the top scenic trail running destinations in Colorado by Superfeet!


An early morning ascent up Crag Crest gives way to some of the best views in Western Colorado!  The technical lava rock trail along the crest makes for a fun, but challenging section as it lets loose for a fast descent.  After completing the Crag Crest loop, the course runs along the edge of the Grand Mesa through both the forest and open meadows to the more remote Flowing Park/Indian Point loop before heading back to the finish.  This course is run all on single-track trail!


An awesome and challenging loop over Crag Crest followed by a fast and fun out and back to Flowing Park reservoir, runing along the edge of the Grand Mesa through healthy thick forest and wildflower filled meadows! All on excellent single-track trails!


You will love this run!  Enjoy some of the best views in Western Colorado with one challenging, gorgeous, single-track loop up and over Crag Crest and back to the finish!

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