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The Grand Mesa is managed by the National Forest Service and, therefore, there are many campgrounds and free camping opportunities throughout the forest.

  • Grand Mesa National Forest Campgrounds  

    • Click the link above to view campground information, including maps.

    • Island Lake, Little Bear, Cobbett Lake, Ward Lake, Spruce Grove, Jumbo.  These are some of the closer campgrounds.

    • I think you can make reservations.

  • FREE Forest Service Camping (our kind of camping!!)

    • Check out Flowing Park Road-FS 109 (this is the same road that goes to Flowing Park Aid Station); or

    • Anderson Reservoirs Road-FS 105.  (Anderson AS rd)

      • If you camp in either of these areas, you’ll be close to the race start/parking at the Mesa Top Trail head.  

*Pick a sweet spot to camp but do NOT drive off trail or you will be rewarded with a sweet ticket also*


  • Mesa Top Trail Head / Parking Lot (Free)

    • Respect traffic flow-Park in parking spots! Tents/ campers can be on the outskirts of the parking lot.  Be there and sleep in for the start, pass out in your car afterwards!

    • Public toilets and changing rooms.

  • County Line Trail Head / Parking Lot w/toilets (Free)

    • quieter than Mesa Top for the race.

    • about 1 1/2m East of race start.

    • trail run to start for a quick warm up!

    • Public toilets and changing rooms.

  • Skyway Trail Head / Parking Lot w/toilets (Free)

    • quieter than Mesa Top for the race.

    • about 2 1/2m West of race start.

    • Public toilets and changing rooms.

Cabin Rentals

  • Grand Mesa Lodge, Store, and Restaurant (only 3 miles from the start/finish and the race runs through their property)


  • Alexander Lodge and Restaurant

Condos & Hotels

  • Grand Junction (take your pick)


  • Aspen Trails RV & Campground $5 showers, open til 8pm (Towards Cedaredge 17miles from Mesa Top Trailhead Start/Finish)

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