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50M course Description

Race Start 5am, Cutoff 8pm

15 Hour Time Limit = 18.6min / mile pace

50m has 3971′ of ascent and 3971' descent with an average elevation above 10,400'


50m Course Cal Topo Maps

50 cutoff.PNG


*You signed up for a race so please keep it fair to everyone else*

*This includes a friend on a fun run or otherwise a bandit runner*

*You will be disqualified*

Section 1:  Starting from Mesa Top AS (Start/Finish):  Head east out of the parking lot onto a trail leading to the Grand Mesa Lodge (3.5m /gradual downhill). From the lodge you will cross Hwy 65 to the Crag Crest Trailhead and Crag Crest AS (.5m). Run a counter clockwise loop on Crag Crest trail, you will return to Crag Crest AS (10.5m / technical climbs and decent) Head back across the hwy towards Grand Mesa Lodge, passing the lodge, running the trail to Mesa Top AS (Start/Finish Line)  (4m/gradual uphill).

  • 18.75m with 2503′ of ascent and 2503'of descent


Description:  Seldom traveled faint trail for the first 3.5m, watch trail markers closely. Crag Crest is well traveled and easy to navigate, also technical with lots of lava rock. Amazing views, bring your camera!

Section 2:  From the Mesa Top AS, racers will run south on the Mesa Top Trail 7.6m to Flowing Park AS. Check in here.

  • 7.6m with 160′ of ascent but 805′ of descent

Description:  This section is gradual downhill with a few small uphill bumps. The trail flows in and out of the forest with open meadows in between.  Important:  You are about to run a (usually sunny) 14.5m loop!--Racers MUST fill up on fluids, fuel, and sunscreen @ Flowing Park AS.   

Section 3:  From Flowing Park AS, racers will continue south and run a clockwise, 14.5m lollipop loop past Indian Point and back to Flowing Park AS (be sure to stay left at the intersection out in the meadow so you do not repeat the loop)!  

  • 14.4m with 810′ of ascent and 810′ of descent  

  • Important:  Racers MUST fill up on fluids, fuel, and sunscreen @ Flowing Park AS before departing for this Flowing Park loop (usually sunny)

Description:  Much of this loop is run along the edge of the Grand Mesa and has endless views of the San Juan’s and the Elk Mountains!  Some smooth trail but also lots of lava rock sections.  There are pockets of tangled aspen trees but most of the trail is out in the open.

Section 4: After checking in at the Flowing Park AS, racers will return 7.6m on the Mesa Top Trail to the Finish at the Mesa Top Parking Lot!  Gradual uphill.

  • 7.6m and 805′ ascent and 160' descent

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