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Maps and Elevation Profiles

The Grand Mesa Ultras are good old fashioned Colorado mountain trail races run at high elevation! The terrain varies from technical rocky climbs, fast flowing forest track, remote off-trail sections, and as much awesome single track as possible! Wildflowers, wildlife, alpine meadows, numerous lakes and streams, pine and aspen forests with views galore!  

  • Start & Finish line is 10,733'

  • The average elevation is over 10,400' for 50m, 10,600' for 55k, and 10,800" for 30k

  • Highest point is the summit of Crag Crest at 11,189'

  • Lowest point is 9933" for 50m, 10,058" for 55k, and 10,403' for 30k

  • As much awesome single track as possible! Singletrack running with about a mile of old two track through Grand Mesa Lodge area, and about a mile past Flowing park Aid Station for the 50milers. One highway crossing at mile 4 & 14.5

  • Trails will be marked VERY well! You wont get lost. (well hopefully)

All of these trails are part of the Grand Mesa National Forest. So a big thank you to our Forest Service for the care and use of these great trails on our public lands.

*50m on Trail Run Project

also available:

50m map

2021 50m profile.JPG

55k map

2021 50k profile.JPG

30k map

2021 30k profile.JPG
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