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100M Course description

**No 2019 100m race** (course under construction)

Race Start 5am Sat, Cutoff 3pm Sun

34 Hour Time Limit = 20.24 min / mile pace

The 100m course has approximately 11,000' of ascent and 11,000' descent with an average elevation above 10,000'

**Pacers can start at Carson Lake Aid Station (AS) @ Mile 47**


Section 1:   Starting from Mesa Top AS (Start/Finish):  Head east out of the parking lot onto a trail leading to the Grand Mesa Lodge (3.5m /gradual downhill). From the lodge you will cross Hwy 65 to the Crag Crest Trailhead and Crag Crest AS (.5m).  Run Crag Crest Trail counterclockwise and end back up at Crag Crest AS for the second time (10.5m / technical climbs and decent) Head back across the hwy towards Grand Mesa Lodge, passing the lodge, running the trail to Mesa Top AS (Start/Finish Line)  (4m/gradual uphill).

  • 18.75m with 2196′ of ascent and 2196'of descent


Description:  Seldom traveled faint trail for the first 3.5m, watch trail markers closely. Crag Crest loop is well traveled and easy to navigate, also technical with lots of lava rock. Amazing views, bring your camera!

Section 2:  From the Mesa Top AS, racers will run south on the Mesa Top Trail 7.6m to Flowing Park AS. Check in here.

  • 7.6m with 160′ of ascent but 805′ of descent

Description:  This section is gradual downhill with a few small uphill bumps. The trail flows in and out of the forest with open meadows in between.  

Section 3:  From Flowing Park AS, racers will continue south and run a clockwise lollipop loop towards Indian Point AS (9m from Flowing Park AS).  After Indian Point AS, racers will run 5.4m back to Flowing Park AS (be sure to stay left at the intersection out in the meadow so you do not repeat the loop)!  

  • 14.4m with 810′ of ascent and 810′ of descent  

Description:  Important:  Racers will want a minimum 24oz of fluids, fuel, and sunscreen before leaving Flowing Park AS. This section is about a 15m loop with lots of running out in the open and can feel hot if sunny.  Much of this loop is run along the edge of the Grand Mesa and has endless views of the San Juan’s and the Elk Mountains!  Some smooth trail but also lots of lava rock sections.  There are pockets of tangled aspen trees but most of the trail is out in the open.  Again: Fill up on fluid at Flowing Park AS!

Section 4:  Back at the Flowing Park AS, check in, then you will run around Flowing Park Reservoir, across the dam, connect to trail 1092A, turn right-heading north/east, at the intersection of 109 you will take a sharp left. (Do not follow the road!)  Follow flagging and you will come to the Carson Lake Trailhead sign, turn left downhill to Carson Lake. At the lake, go right across the dam to the AS.  

  • About 5.5m long with 457′ of ascent and 650′ of descent

Description:  This section is old logging trails mixed with some cow trails.  Follow the flagging.   You will be heading in a northwesterly direction through marshy meadows and patches of pine trees.  You could get wet feet through the meadows so dry shoes in your drop bag at Carson AS could be nice.

Section 5:  You may pick up a pacer at Carson Lake AS.  Most runners should pick up their headlamp here if you already dont have it.  Leave the Carson Lake AS by going back across the dam to the Kannah Creek Trailhead.  Run down Kannah Creek Trail to Kannah Creek AS.

  • 9.5m with 4100′ of descent

Description:  Past runners recommended more of a warning about section 5 & 6! This section is long, remote and rough! Don't be fooled by all the downhill, conserve your energy through this section and the next big uphill of section 6!  Elevation ranges from 10,000′ at the top to 6000′ at the bottom so temperatures will quickly increase as you head downhill! Take plenty of water! The higher part of this trail is through some pine and aspen trees while the bottom portion is rocky and dry through pinyon, juniper and some cactus. Some stream crossings will be expected, your feet will get wet.  Dry shoes at Kannah Creek AS will be nice-along with a foot massage.

Section 6:  Leaving Kannah Creek AS you will head 200 yards uphill on the paved road to the green gate on the right for Coal Creek Basin trail.  This trail is steep uphill, crossing a stream once about halfway up over a wooden bridge.  At about 4.5m the race course will take a left up Switchback trail for another mile to the top @ 10,000ft again.   

  • This section is about 5.8 miles long and climbs a little over 4200’.

At the top of the Switchback Trail (on top of the Mesa again), you will take a left onto Lands End Road and begin a nice recovery jog/walk with 3m of easy road to the Lands End AS. 

  • 8.8m with 4200' of ascent

Description:  Beware:  This is the crux of the 100 miler!  From Kannah Creek AS you will be 55m into your race.  It'll likely be warm at this lower elevation and after that long downhill, you're about to annihilate your legs as you climb back to the top of the Grand Mesa!  Remember to save yourself for this section.  

Section 7:  Follows FS Rd 105 to the northeast for 6m to Anderson AS. The AS is on the left just after the road passes between two lakes.  Check in at Anderson AS. 

  • 6m with little up or down

Description:  This is a dirt road with little traffic and hardly any elevation change.  It is a great time to recover after that big Coal Creek climb.  Shortly before the Anderson AS (100yds), you will see trail markings to your right. DO NOT TAKE THIS SECTION YET! This is section 10. 

Section 8:  Head North along the lake from the Anderson Lake AS, follow the Deep Creek Trail down to Mesa Lakes.  From Deep Creek trail you will connect onto a nice path around Mesa Lake.  Shortly past the lake, take a right, leading onto Aspen Grove Rd/FS Rd 253, follow the road uphill for about 1.5m to the Aspen Cove AS.

  • 4.5m long with 508’ of descent then 250' of ascent

Description:  It could be marshy running along the lake.  Be sure to follow flagging. You'll drop down a very rocky descent to the Mesa Lakes basin to a smooth path around the lake.  Run a short distance up a dirt road to Aspen Cove AS.  

Section 9:  Head East from Aspen Cove AS, flagging on the right will lead you up Kill Phil Hill and to the top of the Grand Mesa.  As you hit the top of the climb, take a right in front of the metal building.  You will be on an old logging trail, overgrown and with fallen logs here and there, for about a mile running towards an open meadow. drop down a hill, run along a small lake and below its dam, this will connect you to FS Rd 105.  Take a right and follow the road back to the Anderson Lake AS.

  • About 6m long with 936’ of ascent and 407’ of decent

Description:  The Aspen Cove AS is at the bottom of Kill Phil Hill.  Crawl up through a boulder field while cursing the evil creator of this race, Phil Berghauser!  Steep and very rocky, of course.  Then at the top, traverse through some trees leading to a meadow.  Follow the trail markers!  Left down a hill, skirting the edge of a lake, drop below the small damn, and run it out to the road, head west back to Anderson AS#2. 

Section 10:  From Anderson Lake AS, go west on  FS Rd 105 for approximately 50 yards and turn left onto Deep Creek Trail.  This trail starts just on the east side of Anderson Lake #1. Take the trail around the lake, staying between the trees and the lake.  Pass through a fence/gate at the south side of Anderson Res #1.  Follow the trail due south, keeping the trees to your right.   Head up the hill and through the trees to Reber Cow Camp with a couple old cowboy cabins.  When you reach the cabins, follow the trail downhill and straight across the road from the parking area.  Deep Creek trail then goes east 1/2m across a meadow where it drops off the edge of the Grand Mesa.  Steep rocky downhill through trees for about a mile and you will come to an intersection with Coal Creek trail.  Take a left on Coal Creek trail heading East to Carson Lake AS.  

  • About 6m long with 291’ of ascent and 721’ of decent 

Description:  This section takes you from Anderson Lake AS back to Carson Lake AS using the Deep Creek Trail and Coal Creek Trail.  Open flattop with a faint trail through grass with sparse groups of pine trees.  Once across the road, the trail will be 3' to 4' high skunk cabbage for 300 yards.   Aspen forest and rocky trail the rest of the way to Anderson AS.

Section 11:  Carson Lake AS to Flowing Park AS is the same as section 4 only in reverse.

  • 5.5m to Flowing Park AS with 650′ of ascent and 457′ of descent

Section 12:  Flowing Park AS back to the Finish line via Mesa Top trail is the reverse of section 2.  

  • 7.6m with 805′ of ascent and 160’ of descent.

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